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How I Got Into Knitting and Crochet

My maternal grandmother is actually the one who first taught me how to knit and crochet; but like many kids, I was not interested at the time. I failed to realize that her crafts were akin to my own artistic talent at the time. She was crocheting roses with stems long before I ever saw them on the commercial market. She was making ribbon roses by hand long before you could buy them, and hers were more beautiful than those machines could ever make them. I have a beautiful crocheted blanket, all made from scrap yarn and I actually remember her making the granny squares and stuffing them into bags. I also remember her lovingly laying them out on her bed (mine now) in the order she wanted. I remember her picking them up every single night, in order, placing them into bags- in order and ready for the next day’s work. Here is a pic:

Granny Square Blanket1

Gabriel is the one to blame for actually getting me into knitting <again>. He was premature when he was born and he had received a tiny little hat. The second I saw it, I knew that I wanted to be involved in this ministry. Just having had this mind-blowing little boy (long story for another time), I knew that I could not knit in the volume needed for donations to hospitals, so I just filed it away in the back of my head. Months later, I discovered the KK looms in a craft store and knew that I could now knit in the volume needed in a very short time. I can now make a complete, finished hat in 30 minutes. I’ve donated them in batches of 30 to 40 at a time and now I am working on my third batch which will be well over 40 hats… YEA! So far, I’ve completed mittens, hats, fingerless opera gloves, fingerless wrist warmers, a poncho, winter headband, shawls, scarves, cell phone holders.. but never finished my first pair of socks. Oh, and I am just about finishing my first log cabin blanket.

I’ve been waiting for the smaller gauge looms to come out so that I could use 1 strand of worsted yarn, instead of 2 or more, and ordered what they call a long loom set. I was severely disappointed because the instructions say you need to use 2 or more and you can pretty much tell by looking at the space between pegs. The item’s description online indicated that you can use one strand. I was going to return them, but I think that I’ll keep them. I will either use them or given them away, or loan them out.

Okay, I guess this will be it for a while. Thank you for your patience. I’ll be transferring some craft stuff over from my other blog, then will embark on writing original stuff.


Saturday, March 17, 2007 ~ - Posted by | Crochet, Personal


  1. Interesting set of colours for the blanket. I love it!
    Cute baby !

    Thanks for stopping by, Drenka! You are my FIRST visitor! Thanks for your comments. I am working on a dark purple border on my LC Blanket and will post a pic as soon as I am done. This has been in the works since before Christmas. I work during a few spare moments a day and I get bigger chunks of time at least once a week… so it’s pretty slow going. That cUte baby that you noticed is my Gabriel and he is 2 yrs old now. I am SURE that I’ll manage to post pics of him even though this is a Crafting blog.

    Comment by drenka | Saturday, March 17, 2007 ~ | Reply

  2. My son wasn’t a premie, but still the reason I started knitting. He was about 2 months old and all hats were too big or too small for him. I’m going to do some premie charity knitting when my kids are older, I think.

    Comment by myhobbyisyarn | Tuesday, March 27, 2007 ~ | Reply

  3. Hi Drenka…

    The thing I like about knitting these hats is that you can complete at least one hat per sitting if you want. Well, that is using the looms, I’ve not knitted them with needles yet.

    Good luck with your knitting… post a pic when you do!

    Comment by dragonmommie | Tuesday, March 27, 2007 ~ | Reply

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