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Continental Knitting Demo

I’ve decided to post the demo videos I come across so that when I am ready for them, all I have to do is go to one place. I don’t think that I can make one page for it because, at least for youtube, it becomes a new post. The category “video” should be enough to find them.

I’ve always wanted to learn the continental way of knitting. It’s WAY more efficient to knit this way and a LOT faster. Check it out for yourself. This video is great because it shows different stitches, knit, purl, yarn overs… maybe more, I forgot because this video did not hit my blog until after I left the house today. I still need to go for the sonogram today, but that is later this afternoon. I probably won’t blog it until tomorrow or late tonight.

FYI: I discovered that in transferring posts, if you go into the editor, you can copy everything, even pictures and videos… Everything gets transfered, no problem. I didn’t know this and chances are, there are others out there who don’t either.

Continental knitting demo


Tuesday, March 20, 2007 ~ - Posted by | Knitting, Videos


  1. Very interesting. I am a beginner. All I do is one color scarfs. What might you suggest for a first easy projcet?

    Comment by seandbe | Wednesday, March 21, 2007 ~ | Reply

  2. thanks for stopping by, seandbe!

    If you know how to purl, you can try the basketweave stitch, which is simply a block of knits, followed by a block of purls. Here is a pic of it with instructions on the Lion Brand site. Explore this site for free patterns, ideas and instructions. They even have a glossary for the abbreviations they use on their patterns. The basketweave is an easy way to give a nice design to a single colored item like a scarf.

    Basketweave Stitch on Lion Brand site

    If you want to do something other than a scarf, you might try to knit or crochet squares, then put them together for a blanket or even a scarf. If you get some cotton yarn, like Sugar and Cream, you can make a kitchen towel or rag.

    The Log Cabin blanket is actually very easy to do, and you can learn and practice how to cast on stitches to a finished item along the way. I have learned so much doing the log cabin blanket and you would not think so.

    Comment by dragonmommie | Wednesday, March 21, 2007 ~ | Reply

  3. Thanks, This looks like a good start. I have done the pearl, but of course only as a scarf.

    Hey Seandbe…
    So glad you can find this helpful. I am a visual person and really need to have something like this to REALLY show me. I’d love to see anything that you’ve made. Have you posted anything on your site… ah.. will go and check. Had connection problems earlier today so I am trying to catch up now.

    Comment by seandbe | Thursday, March 29, 2007 ~ | Reply

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