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Improvised Drop Stitch Update


Just completed a swatch, dropping the stitch AFTER a solid knitted swatch was made. Because I was well into my scarf/wrap, with fantasy yarn, I got the idea for the drop stitch, called “matrix stitch” in the world of Knifty Knitter. Keep in mind that for me this is innovation, despite the possibility that long time knitters already find this information common place. When I searched the internet looking for instructions, I only found on how to do it from the very beginning and it doesn’t look exactly like this. I have posted a pic below:


How this was done: I knitted 12 stitches across, then started by binding off 2 stitches, then actually allowed the next one to drop all the way down the swatch, then chained 5 stitches across to traverse the dropped stitch area. Then bind off next two, chained 4 across, dropped next stitch all the way down. I settled on using 4 chains across. At the very end, I had to leave 3 stitches because of the count across not being even; but you know, I like leaving 3 knitted stitches on both ends to make a sort of border as opposed to using 2 stitches. I love how this shows off the glitteriness of the yarn even more. Dropping the stitches definitely adds mega width to the original width. This swatch literally doubled in width. I like that. The only draw back is that the process of dropping the stitches all the way down, all the way across, will be a lot of work. I will need to make sure that it runs all the way down on every column, the mohair gets tangled up and I’ll have to gently pick it out (maybe cut it) to make sure that I don’t ruin it.

I am really excited about this project and can’t wait to get it finished. The other night I went out on a break night for the first time in weeks and spent the time in Starbucks and worked on my three current projects, the Log Cabin Blanket, Black Fingerless Opera Gloves, and this wrap.

Have a Great Day!


Thursday, March 22, 2007 ~ - Posted by | Knitting

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