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My Fantasy Yarn Project

Northern Lights WrapFantasy? Yes. Fantasy because the yarn needed was a LOT more expensive than I usually buy and I would need tons of it, because of low yardage, to complete my project. It’s a sort of scarf-wrap knitted (or loomed) with LB (Lion Brand) Moonlight Mohair and the LB Trellis novelty yarn. The LB site page is here. It’s made using 1 strand of each yarn. I love how the fringes look. The yarns I wanted to use are MM Rainbow Falls and Trellis Rainbow. Love the colors with the black undertone; the colors just jump out at you, or so I think they would.I select my yarns according to the most yardage.. just a quirk of mine. I usually try to counterbalance price vs. yardage and it usually ends up being stuff from Red Heart or Carron, big skeins, the one pounders. Now Moonlight Mohair has a total of 82 yards/75 meters, and the Trellis yarn has a total of 115 yards/105 meters. I am used to skeins of 200, 300 something yards when I get worsted yarn, and for the novelty yarns, go for the brand that has the most yardage. Moonlight Mohair costs something like $7-$8, and Trellis I saw today for $5.99 per skein. Now that is mega bucks when you consider that this project calls for 8 skeins of the MM and 6 skeins of the Trellis….you do the math. In addition, my project would require me to make it wider and possibly longer than the dimensions on the instruction sheet… which, BTW, used to be a free in the isles of the stores, and now costs $2.50 off the LB site. I am still searching stores around here to see if they still have it out, but I see so little of that now, in general.

Now, one of the reasons that I took up knitting was to SAVE money. I can’t believe some of the prices of the yarn out there. I can actually rectify hefty prices for the natural materials out there, but not the artificial ones… that seems ironic since there must be some kind of labor used to create all the novelty yarns out there. I even got some of that recycled silk yarn from somewhere online and it was cheaper!

I was surfing the other day and found myself at Smiley’s Yarns and what to my surprise should appear? Moonlight Mohair and Trellis dancing in the air! On sale for $2.99 and $1.99… whoa… still that trigger happy mouse button and take a look! My colors were available, so I ordered some. I was so happy because I had given up on this project using my fantasy yarn… now, I got my xmas present to myself. The box came just today, which was pretty darn quick, just a couple of days. DH accepted it at the door and I was beside myself because he has already commented on the fact that I have yarn coming out of my ears over here… oh well, couldn’t be helped as the return address was from SMILEY’S YARNS. Also, in the past, he was never home when I got my “special deliveries”. Now he calls me the “Secret Shopper” and I kind of like that… maybe I’ll start a blog with that name. To be honest, he probably called me that because today I got his present at Modell’s with him there, then I chased him out of the store so that I could maybe get something else that would be a surprise; but to be sure, my online shopping had a hand in it, too.

So, now my mission is to recreate this scarf/wrap without actually paying for the instructions since there were free at one time. If I cannot find the sheet with the instructions in some craft store around here, I will wing it and judge for myself. Should be easy enough. Basic knitting, with garter stitches thrown in at the ends and maybe on the sides to keep it from curling. I won’t be able to start this right away as I am still working on a couple of projects for friends and one of them is a Xmas gift. But soon.

Happy Holidays, everybody.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007 ~ - Posted by | Knitting

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