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My First Completed Log Cabin Blanket

1st LCBHere’s a pic of my first blanket.  I’m so excited!  I messed up the border a little, but I see it as a learning experience, considering that I didn’t follow any directions other than the idea that it was sort of like the parts of a picture frame; and that the inner edge is at an angle so that the pieces could fit together.  I went with a thin border because I didn’t want it to take away from the rest of the blanket.  I didn’t block this or anything.  I think that maybe I should because one side looks longer than the rest.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Whew, with this blanket finally done, I can start on two bably blankets that I want to do.  One will be LCB and the other will be a granny square type.  I am thinking that I will work on them both together to start off, just to see how it works out. A.C. Moore just had a Moonlight Madness sale and I took advantage and bought all the baby colors of the Caron’s Simply Soft that I could get.  The green is not really a baby green, but so beautiful; which is why I want to make a granny square blanket.  I am planning on using that green to connect everything.  I love this green so much that I wanted it incorporate it into more than just a border…yet, it’s not really a baby color.  I am convinced that it will work in nicely, though.  The yarn is still in the car and it’s too late for me to run out and get it, so, stay tuned for a pic of all the colors.

I also got a few other balls, not related to my baby projects.  Still trying to decide what to do with them… I think THAT is the hardest part of any project, just deciding the project!

Hear ye, hear ye… I proclaim Wednesday as being Hot Chocolate Recipe Day!  I thought that Wednesday could use a name other than “Hump Day”, so HCRD, it is.  I will post a recipe a week, starting with this Wednesday.  All recipes will come from a new book I bought called simply,  “Hot Chocolate~50 Heavenly Cups of Comfort” by Fred Thompson.

Last week, I was inspired to create something.  Still needs work, but I couldn’t help posting it.

Hot Chocolate Art


Tuesday, March 27, 2007 ~ - Posted by | Chocolate, Knitting


  1. […] 27th, 2007 — dragonmommie Sorry for not writing, I’ve not been inspired of late.  I also finished my log cabin blanket which is the reason I got to bed at 2am last night and the reason I am up so late today. Today is […]

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  2. I really like it! I love the bright colors! Was it fun to knit?

    Comment by myhobbyisyarn | Tuesday, March 27, 2007 ~ | Reply

  3. Thanks for coming by, myhobbyisyarn, and thanks for your comments, especially! Love your name, too.

    This was really fun for me because I learned how to cast on stitches into finished strips and I learned how to do the Continental method of knitting… just for this project. It’s much faster and efficient. I loved planning the colors in advance, too. The blanket was very easy to knit, as well, which really made it fun for me. Once you do a couple of strips, there is virtually no thinking allowed on this. You can watch TV, listen to the radio, have a conversation and never mess it up. I love listening to podcasts while knitting, it really allows me to catch up.

    Have a Great Day! 🙂

    Comment by dragonmommie | Tuesday, March 27, 2007 ~ | Reply

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