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Hot Chocolate Healthier Than Tea?

This is an article I read this morning, which of course, caught my eye on Yahoo News while I was checking out the weather today. I wanted to post it because there are also links to recipes that look good.


I agree with one of the last statements:

“But don’t start gobbling up chocolate bars just yet, wrote study author Dirk Taubert of the University Hospital of Cologne, Germany.

“Treats such as dark chocolate might be substituted for other high-calorie desserts, based on the study’s findings, but “we believe that any dietary advice must account for the high sugar, fat and calorie intake with most cocoa products.”

Of course the way to get around the high sugar content is to use unsweetened DARK chocolate, then sweeten it with whatever you personally use. I mean, you could probably use white sugar, as well. It would probably be less than what manufacturers use in their production of chocolate.

Here’s a link to an article written after some studies came out in 2002.

Pro-Health Immune Support dot com

Here’s something from Cornell University, dated 12/19/2003, stating that Hot chocolate is choc full of antioxidants.

Healthy Hot Chocolate

Me? I just LOVE the stuff!


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