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Hot Chocolate Mix

Good Day, all! Welcome to Hot Chocolate Wednesday. Today I thought I would bring you a recipe for a “mix”. A mix is a premixed preparation of hot chocolate, like Swiss Miss and other commercial ones. Now you can take your HC with you.  Isn’t that great?  The BIG difference here is that YOU are in control of the ingredients that go into it. From a very young age, I dismissed those instant mixes because they were of a too thin consistency, definitely NOT chocolaty enough for me and I would use 2-3 envelopes for one cup!

If you have been following along and trying out these recipes, you will have accumulated enough experience to do some tweaking on your own. I would LOVE to hear about any variations that you come up with. Don’t be shy!

Please keep in mind that I relate the recipe, as is, from the book “Hot Chocolate~50 Heavenly Cups of Comfort”, written by Fred Thompson. These recipes are easily open to modifications needed for diet and nutritional needs. This one refers to “cinnamon chips”. I am assuming he means melting chips, like for chocolate making; but still, I have never seen that flavor. You could possibly find them in a candy making store or a craft store that sells candy making supplies. Here is this week’s recipe. It’s called:

Cinnamon Chip Hot Chocolate Mix

1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup natural cocoa powder
1 cup nonfat dry powdered milk
1/2 cup cinnamon-flavored chips
2 tsp. kosher salt ~ for full flavor advantage GET kosher salt, or don’t use salt at all.
Confectioner’s sugar for serving

  1. Combine the granulated sugar, cocoa powder, powdered milk, cinnamon-flavored chips, and salt in a large bowl. Pour into a 1-quart airtight container.
  2. For a single serving, scoop 1/3 cup of the mix into a mug and pour 1 cup boiling water over it. Stir until the cinnamon chips have melted and the mixture is smooth. Dust each serving with confectioner’s sugar and serve immediately.

Now, you may have been wondering why you must serve the hot chocolate immediately, and you have every right to ask. The reason is that once the hot chocolate starts cooling off, the actual chocolate, or melted chips will start to solidify again and will no longer be fully integrated into the drink.



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