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Podcasts and Patterns

Won’t be able to write much today about knitting, but just that my baby blanket is almost completed.  Just a few more squares to go, then to sew together.  If I kept the project to the size indicated in the pattern, it would be done; but because I want a bigger blanket, I am making 10 more squares to add on 2 more rows to it.  I have 8 more squares to go and most times I can get 2 or more squares done a night, listening to Brenda Dayne’s podcast, “Cast On”.  I really look forward to listening to her show when I knit.  It keeps me in the “knitting” frame of mind while knitting.  She’s got great music, as well.  Always something different and always pleasant to my ears… and that is not lightly said.  As a matter of fact, I  have been really trying to fast-forward past the music to catch up with her podcasts, but to date, I have not done so because the music is so good.  As stated, I am catching up and I am so happy to say that I have just 7 episodes (out of 48) to go.  Then, like the rest of her audience, I’ll have to be satisfied with one show a week. <sigh> (((((Big sigh, there)))))  The big reason why I love this show is because I’ve found so many other knitting sites, news, techniques, and interesting things through her show.

I WANT MY OWN MRS. BEETONS!  Guess I’ll have to knit some up.  What’s holding me up is that I really do not have luxurious wool in my stash and I can’t bear to make a pair without the luxurious feel that is so evident in the pics of these beautiful gauntlets.  I did buy some yarn that I think will work, but now I’ve got to see if I can use it by …. dare I say it?  Swatching.  I have stopped shivering now.  This project will be my first attempt at beading as there are lovely beads in this pattern, but I think I can handle it as the directions look pretty straightforward, plus I’ll actually be knitting from a pattern… yes!

I have a feeling that before I take this big step, I’ll have to read and reread the pattern over and over.  Even then, I’ll need to have my laptop handy so that I can look up things I don’t understand and learn techniques which are new to me. It will be worth it.  Once you think about it, I’ve got it a hell of a lot better than previous generations of women who had to have someone actually be around to teach them in person as that was how this craft was handed down from mother to daughter.  Now, all you need is an internet connection and a little imagination.  You might be thinking, “what is all this hysteria over reading patterns?”   Well, I know that I am working from a pattern for the baby blanket, but it’s all granny squares, which I already know how to do.

Oh, I also wanted to post a link to a great video page at KnittingHelp.com.  The reason I am posting it was because I found a great little video on how to make your own wooden needles and save tons of money.  This is great for me as I do want to experiment with DPN’s, but don’t want to actually buy them because I really like working in the round with circulars… but I am still curious about them.  Plus, it’s a cheap way of making knitting needles for people I know who really cannot afford the supplies for knitting but want to learn.  Outside of this, I just LOVE learning new ways of doing stuff…. it’s called improvision!  I love to improvise, manipulate, modify established techniques to create something new.  I am SO itching to learn to read patterns, but so far I’ve not had the chance to really clamp down on myself and take the time to try.  Maybe my hesitation is due to the fact that this is truly uncharted waters for me and I have no idea HOW to start, yet I know that I should probably not think about it and just DO it.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, April 25, 2007 ~ - Posted by | Crochet, Knitting

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