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Splish Splash

DSC02398I don’t know if this ever happens to you, but recently I got really fed up with the clean up in the kitchen. I started out using a sponge to mop up liquid mess, but then found myself using an inordinate amount of paper towels to do that job. They are neat and they are disposable and they are paper, so it’s assumed that they will break down relatively quickly. Another thing they are is Ex-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. I mean, I found myself using paper towels for everything and totally ignored my sponge. Why? The reason is that I’d regularly get pretty annoyed over the fact that I can never seem to squeeze out all the soap so that I can properly and thoroughly rinse the table, counter, stove, whatever.

Trivial? Maybe, but true.

I never thought I’d knit a wash cloth, but I did in about two days. I had plenty of Sugar and Cream for another kitchen project I planned, but I had absolutely no plans for a dishcloth. Nevertheless, I resolved to knit one after not knowing what else to do about the kitchen situation. I bought a pattern book called, “Color-Splash Dishcloths”, by Evelyn A. Clark and got one step closer to actually doing it. I realized that this requires more skills than I had and I hesitated; but then saw that there were instructions and diagrams of all the extra skills necessary. I realized that I had wanted to learn all of this and these dishcloths are the perfect vehicle to learn them. This was so easy, like I was mentally ready to learn, and so I did. I’ve got to say that listening to all the knitting podcasts out there and reading blogs and the myriad of information on the web has helped me understand more and more every day.

I cast on a mere 3 stitches last night and didn’t stop until just before dinner today… during spare time only but I managed to make a lot of it! All through it all, I kept in mind to just follow the pattern and just do what it says, to the letter without trying to figure it out. I was rewarded by this beautiful item called “Splish-Splash”. Now came the really difficult part. I love it so much that I really didn’t want to use it! I made it a point to use it tonight for table clean up and stove duty. I was really impressed by it’s scrubbing ability, rinse-ability and absorbency. Well, of course, it’s cotton! It’s pretty addictive, too. If I can do it this fast, I can whip up plenty by Christmas and include them as gifts to the special woman I give gifts to. You know the ones. Those who are capable of looking past the fact that it’s a dishcloth and can appreciate the fact that it was handmade.

Still, this is the perfect type of project to learn new techniques on. Included today are YO, SSK, K2 tog, K3 tog, and slip 1, K2 tog, PSSO. SO EASY… now that I know, of course! That loop at the top was my own add-on. I was going to block it, but then realized that this little number will be getting wet and stretched out time and time again. I am definitely making more of these for myself as these are the kind you must WASH in the laundry every so often…. so cool!

Tomorrow I will have an update and pic of the socks I am doing…. not going exactly as planned, but at least I know why.


Monday, May 7, 2007 ~ - Posted by | Knitting

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