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Grace’s Shawl Materializes

Trellis Triangle Shawl 1

This is the world’s first glimpse of my Trellis Triangle Shawl. What do you think, Grace? Sorry I let it go for awhile but DH is on vacation this week and we’ve been on the go all week.

This shawl is worked from the bottom up, starting with only three chains, increasing as you go on both sides at once. The problem I had with the first one (that I ripped out) was that, either there was an error in the pattern, or I knitted it too loosely (though it was specifically indicated in the pattern to knit loosely). This time, I am doing knit rows between the increased rows. I am knitting with my fingers crossed and trying to monitor the shape of it, as in the photo above; however I will never transfer it to waste yarn again as it was frustrating getting the stitches back onto the needles.

Okay, update on the crocheted baby blanket. I learned that my brother’s wife is having a girl and that the theme for the baby’s room will be frogs. I promptly downloaded a few frog patterns for hats, booties, sweater, toy and cloth. What I’ve decided to do is make a center panel for the blanket with the frog pattern for the cloth. Frog Cloth pic I will omit the border and actually will be learning how to double knit so that I can work two colors and have two “right” sides. It will be heavier to match the heaviness of the other crocheted squares. The background will be pink and the frog will be the same green I am using throughout the blanket, and I will crochet the same green border as the squares have; but I’ll need to see the size of the finished square. Funny how I insisted using this non-baby green because I just “liked” it… and because my sister-in-law, Erin, is Irish and I wanted to tap into that. I will also be knitting this with my fingers crossed because I do not know what the dimensions of the cloth should be and I need to make sure that this panel will fit in seamlessly with the squares that I already made. Even if it’s double the size, or whatever, just so that the squares will line up. I will have to improvise as I go along, but I really think it will be great.

I love learning new things for each project I am working on and I am really delighted that I will have a need for the double knitting. Hey, it wasn’t too long ago (I mean weeks) that I had no idea what “DK” meant!

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