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Fall 2007

Hi everybody. Well, it’s finally starting to look like fall. Sorry, about not posting all summer, but I needed a break.  I’ve not even gone back yet to my other blog, Dragon’s Yen.  This is my first time back.  I’m really happy about fall, my favorite time of year. Summer is nice, but if I’m not at the beach, it reeks. Oh, I do love to garden and I do love summer activities. What kills me is the heat and/or humidity. Ah, I can finally put that behind me and start thinking about reinstalling my hot chocolate recipe of the week. I’ve already had some this year and introduced my little one it. Now all he wants is hot chocolate… that’s my boy!

I have been busy and will be forthcoming on what I’ve been doing this summer, knitwise, and will be posting some of my WIP’s and FO’s. See, I’ve learned new language while I was away. WIP: “Work In Progress” and FO: “Finished Object”. I do most of my learning at Ravelry. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added their button to the blogroll and sidebar, though the sidebar one links to my flickr site. At present, I’m trying to figure out how to have the button, itself, link to Ravelry; but so far it’s a no go. If you click on it, you will be transported to my flickr page. In the mean time, have you gotten your invitation yet? I know that I said that I was not going to talk about it, but it’s been going on too long now. Jess and Casey have been doing really great work over there getting the site working. It’s totally amazing, but again, I refrain from the details for the benefit of those who are still waiting to get on. Of course, if you wish that I would expand on the site, I certainly will… but you’ve got to let me know; and the easiest way to do that is to leave a comment.

Katelyn TheresaMy brother’s wife gave birth to a daughter September 19, 2007. Katelyn Theresa, 5 lbs. 7 oz. WOW! Isn’t she the cutiest baby ever!!!







Ever since I found out about the pregnancy, I was furiously crocheting a blanket for her. Then I found out they have a froggie theme and had plenty of time to modify the blanket to include a knitted center square with a froggie on it.Crocheted/Knitted blanket The center panel was DK’d to get a front side on both sides to compliment the crocheted squares. I am so happy that I chose this green, too. It’s more froggie than baby green, ya know? I am also very happy that I finished it time for the shower. I can really get into granny square blankets. My grandmother used to make them and I have one blanket from her that was made with scrap yarn. My uncle is going to give me a blue one she made years ago, and I even remember her making it. I remember the loving way she laid the squares out on the bed, arranging them in just the way.
Green Jacket/Hat/Bootie Set We visited Katelyn about a month ago and I rushed to complete a crocheted jacket, hat, and bootie set, made with left over yarn from the blanket. I even made the buttons, myself. I don’t have a picture yet of her wearing it. I love Caron Simply Soft yarn, so soft! Erin, my SIL , loved the outfit, so that made all the work and “rush, rush” of it, all worth it.

Well, I’ve got to get going, so will leave you with these few glimpses of what I’ve been doing.

Hope ya’ll come back now, hear?


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  1. I love the blanket and the little froggie sweater. The baby is adorable. I just got my invite to Ravelry. My user name is BellaBambina.

    Comment by Kelly | Saturday, October 27, 2007 ~ | Reply

  2. Thanks, Kelly! I really love that pattern, and it makes it easy to whip up several for the babies.

    Comment by dragonmommie | Sunday, October 28, 2007 ~ | Reply

  3. I love the blanket where dod you get the pattern and can i download it from online as there are a lot of site that only post to us and i’m from uk LOVE frogs and i’d love tocrochet something like that for my baby 🙂 love n hugs

    Comment by Debz aka Crochetmom | Friday, January 18, 2008 ~ | Reply

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Debz! This blanket was sort of a mish mosh of things. First, the center panel is really a dishcloth pattern. I wanted to post the modifications that I made in order to make this work for a blanket, but I never got permission from the original designer, so I can’t do that. I CAN give you the address for the pattern:


    Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the pattern for the rest of the squares. I thought it was from Caron because the blanket is made with Caron Simply Soft, but I can’t find it on their site. I’ll have to check my papers and post back here, or send me your email address and I can send it right to you.

    You can write me at: dragon(dot)mommie at gmail(dot)com

    Comment by dragonmommie | Friday, January 18, 2008 ~ | Reply

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