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Two FO’s

Finally completed two projects… well one is partially completed, but I can wear half of it while working on the other half!

Silky ClocheFirst is a Christmas gift started in September, the Silky Cloche, from “Hooked Hats~20 Easy Crochet Projects”. I started it at my very first meeting with my crochet group, SAH “Sunday Afternoon Hookers”. They are a great bunch of women and we just had our Christmas Party, and I completed the hat during our party… one day before I need to gift it during another Christmas party on Tuesday. Wow. See the white rose? It came out kind of tight, but I think it will be okay. I need to experiment with hooks.

This project started out as something called a “Scrap Wrap” from Gritty Knits. After casting on the Rx’d number of stitches, I realized that it was going to be too thin for a wrap, so I frogged and cast on double the stitches needed… well, it’s still too thin. I like my things big because I like to feel all snuggly. The colors I began working with, then continued with, remind me of stained glass. Then I found LB’s Fun Fur in “Stained Glass” and decided to just stick with those colors in the fun fur… though I do have a pink.

I was going for the stained glass effect, as you can see by all the framing done in black, but not for each stripe. I crocheted a simple black border. I’ve decided to cast on another scarf and then graft them together. The best thing is that I can still use my scarf, and I have, by wearing it to SAH’s Christmas party. The minute it sits on my shoulders, I can feel the warmth, which is amazing because over 90% of this scarf is done with Red Heart acrylics. I really love a stash bust’in project. I am also working on a striped blanket, which started out as a poncho, but it got too heavy. I goofed on the rows and the work got wide enough to put on my bed! No pictures yet.


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