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Another Finished Gift!

Whew…. Just in time!

Just finished putting the buttons on the Huggable Kid’s Vest. I cannot tell you the joy, the satisfaction that I am experiencing right now. To take something that you’ve made with your own hands and to lovingly place it into a box with tissue paper, and then wrap it in Christmas paper. Didn’t have a bow so I tied a small stuffed snowman as the center of a tied bow. Again, I can’t explain this feeling. I lovingly looked down out my little pink vest and it was like I was sending my child out into the world. It’s pink, it’s fuzzy and boy, is it heavy. I was amazed at how heavy it really is. It was knit by holding one strand, each, of LB Fancy Fur and KP Crayon yarns and knit as one.
Isabella's VestI even knit a button band! Something I never thought I’d do because I didn’t think it was an important part of a pattern. Yep, ignorance is bliss until you try to make something. Now I can see that the function of a button band is so that the two side halves will fit together at the bottom point… that is, if the pattern has a point bottom, front. So far, I don’t know if there is any other reason for it. I could not get the buttons I wanted for this project. I wanted gold buttons, but I did not bring the vest with me when I went shopping and I was left guessing.

I was also concerned about buttons adding more confusing to a busy color pattern. Fancy Fur has blobs of color sprinkled throughout, so MC was pink with spots of blue, pink, yellow, aqua… etc. I finally got plain see through buttons with a colored, shiny finish. Know what I mean? Probably not, but I’ll make sure to take a close up of it when the recipient tries it on. Then I put a mauve, matte finish, resin rose button at the very top. Partially because the other buttons came two on a card, and needed a fifth… (that’s how they get ya) and partially because I love the look of having a unique button, out of place, on my tops. I’ll replace buttons like that for the heck of it… but that is not everyone’s taste. I’ll offer to sew on a matching one at the top if they want…. yes, I’ll have to go back for more buttons.

Isabella's Vest2Sigh. I just hope that Isabella likes it, and I hope it FITS her. She is the little girl upstairs from us and sometimes I baby sit her on Saturdays. I don’t have any pics right now, but I hope to snap a pic of her wearing it. It will be touch and go because they don’t get in until late. I just hope that she is awake enough. If not, I might have to wait until after Christmas to even give it to her.

Edited 12/23/07 10:21pm: Queen Isabella says she feels like a movie star in her new vest! I guess she LIKES it! She’s a real cutie pie.

Nanny's Magic SocksI have about one inch left on the magic socks… my first pair of socks. That, in itself, is exciting… but it looks as if I’ll be knitting them while at my dad’s house on Christmas Eve so that when we get to DH’s sister’s we can give them to my mom-in-law on Christmas Day.

Sweater Bag



What is left for tonight is trying to insert lining into a felted sweater tote bag that I originally made for myself, but then to my horror, my dad’s wife took a liking to it, so I think I’ll give it to her for Christmas. That bag is tremendous and I’m a little disappointed, but it means a whole lot more to me to give it to someone that I am pretty sure will love it.

Edited 12/24/05~3:41am: OMG! Just finished this bag and I absolutely love it, despite all my mistakes and cockeyed sewing…. without pins, I might add! I really wish I were keeping it, but I’ll just go out and look for another sweater. Definitely a learning experience! The handles are not really icord because when I made them, I didn’t know what icord was, or how it should be constructed…. NOW I know. So, I twisted the flat straps to make a nice spiral. Oh, I did add a pocket to cover up that neck hole… that is something I won’t do again, leaving in the neck. Now, I’ve gotta get some sleep!

I’ll have up-to-date pics hopefully after the Christmas holiday.



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