But she’ll share…..sometimes.

Christmas FO Alert!

Yep, I just mailed out the Hogwarts scarf to my nephew. To me, he always looked like a young Harry Potter so I guess that’s why he ended up getting the Gryffindor Scarf. Here is a pic… that’s the Drake doing a little modeling for me:

The Drake modeling Gryffindor Scarf Matching hat? I’ll have to wait and see if Peter even likes the scarf before I do something like that. Doesn’t the Drake look cute?

Notice the child-safe implements of safety in just one piece of furniture. That’s the Drake, you can never have enough implements of safety to keep prying little hands OUT of our stuff!

Next up is something called a Helmet Hat I am making for Little D. It’s not a FO yet, but will be in a couple of days. I’m making it with Red Heart Mexicana yarn. It’s feeling much softer than other RH yarns I’ve used lately and it’s pretty bouncy stuff, too. Here’s a pic of what I’ve got so far:
Mexicana Helmet Hat

Cool… until I realized tonight that I better get my hynie in gear because this will be the only few months that he’ll be able to actually wear it. So, I am thinking tonight who else can I give it to, after LD grows out of it. I really don’t think that my SIL will let her daughter wear something like this. At any rate, I have six more rows to go before I need to start shaping the head.

1DominicaMuneca (Lamira) over at Ravelry said that this hat looks an awful lot like helmet liners that some folks are making over at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia. I’ve included the link because I think this is a great way to donate your time and talent to our people stationed in the cold areas on the planet. It’s also a great way to show our support in our own special way. Please go over and check it out. Hey, if I can make one of these, I think pretty much anyone can!

Okay, one more… though patterns keep finding their way onto my needles and hooks… I have been involved with a Vintage Vertical Stripe Blanket CAL over on Ravelry… see I really DO spend too much time over there. Well, I am almost finished with it, only 5-10 more stripes to go, then will finish it off with a black border. Here are some pics:

Gabe and VVS Blanket

Little Drake just loves this blanket, but it’s already spoken for. I’m giving it to my friend, Charlene. I can mention her here because I doubt she even knows I have a blog.

See, he just loves it!

Well, I guess that’s about it for now.  Next time, I’ll be writing a little about my crochet group, I think.  I’ve got PICS, Dee!


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Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Just thought I’d post a few tips and tricks I’ve developed, discovered, whatever. These two are for weaving in ends, though I just saw the knitting one here. I discovered this technique while doing my Lob Cabin Blanket a while back, but I didn’t think to share it…. poo on me.

Weaving in Knitting Ends.

Weaving in Crochet Ends:

What I like to do for Double Crochet, when starting a new row, is to draw the new colored loop through the work, then make the chain with both ends for a thick chain. This makes it look more like an actual DC. Then, for the next few stitches, I’ll draw through both strands, but only use only one strand, the working yarn, to complete the stitch…. and OMG, I’m actually uploading a video to youtube! My very first tutorial! Yeepiiiiii ! Ya’ll can listen to my sick voice because I’ve got a horrible cold right now….. 33% uploaded….. I did take some pics but it was tough taking pics of my TWO hands… ha. So I put my camera on a little box, stuck my hands in front and let ‘er rip….. 53% uploaded… man, this is taking so long.

I’ve got to apologize for some mistakes. I recorded, verbally unprepared, at about midnight. My camera batteries are dead, so after the recharge I’ll make a new video. Here are the corrections:

  1. I say, “… Then I go into my next “chain”” but I should have said my next “loop”.
  2. Then I say, “and here’s the second one”, but it was really the third or fourth.
  3. I made a statement saying to continue until you finish up the the working yarn. Oh man! What I meant to say is, until you finish weaving in the end.

Then I made a statement one should never make on a tutorial video when you want to make something look easy. I said, “it’s so hard”…..GAH! What I really meant was that it was hard to make the video, itself; not that what I was doing was hard to do… geesh.

I was struggling to keep track of what was going on in front of the lens and talking and keeping everything in focus, etc. Wow. I’ve got to put more effort into this the next time around. I was just so excited, too, about actually doing it. It’s actually possible for me now to make significant videos with my digital camera because I lost my first memory stick and when we replaced it, bought a stick packing 2GIG’s… quite a jump from 16MB!

Finished Object Alert


A FO is lurking right around the corner! That Hogwart’s Scarf I started eons ago. I had a revelation today… another sort of trick, but it’s so obvious that I want to kick myself in the head for not thinking of it sooner. I am working this scarf in the round, for extra thickness (he lives in New Hampshire) and also to keep the edges from curling. So, this thing had double the knitting a regular scarf would have. Okay, so you get the picture. You know what it’s like carrying up the colors… the strands were forever getting tangled, twisted and I got dangerously close to cutting the yarn just to untangle it. So 25 stripes, 450 rows, and 22,500 stitches later… the light bulb goes off to just tuck the resting ball of yarn into the tube, well below the work area. Simple right? Like I said, I could kick myself in the teeth. Sigh. So that’s my gift to you this February night, cause it certainly wasn’t a gift for me because I’M DONE. But it was nice for that final stripe. I’m tempted to make more stripes just so that I can tuck my yarn into the tube for a while longer… but I’m so done with this project that I can’t wait to mail it out… pronto. Pics to follow when I put on the fringe.

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Change Effective, NOW!

Sorry guys, another short one, but I just have to say that I’ve been riled by too many spammers commenting on my site. I’d rather have no comments at all, than 20,000 spammized comments. For the longest time, I’ve spent time only deleting spammer’s comments… and those were the only comments I was getting. It was no big deal since I get notified of every comment that comes in. Usually I’d simply mark them as spam, but they are getting too sneaky…. ALSO, I am wondering why the same site slipped in even after I marked it as spam. Recently, I had one site, two days in a row, actually post what I would have believed to be a valid comment if I didn’t see something specific.

Not getting into specifics, I’ll say that this annoyance has prompted me to activate the I-Must-Approve-ALL-Comments-Directive. I apologize for any inconvenience to legitimate readers and commenters, but this is now necessary, in my opinion. I feel as though I am taking some kind of action against these leaches. It won’t really be a big deal because I check my email every morning, accompanied by my morning coffee.

I welcome any and all valid comments.

I will not tolerate spammers!

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