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New Yarn Things

So, what DOES the dragon really listen to? Well, lots of things, too many to list here, but maybe that will turn into another post. For now, I’ll stick to the fiber stuff.

Just a little background. I am constantly downloading and subscribing to new podcasts almost every day. The thing is that there are only a couple that I really like and will listen to with any sense of regularity. The very first one was Cast On with Brenda Dayne. I was kept busy for quite a long time catching up on around two years worth of episodes. Now, I am like the rest of you, floundering until the next one comes around. The one that came after that was one that is not being broadcast any longer, and that one is Unwound with Kelly Robinson . I was so gullible because it wasn’t until I got to the last one, her goodbye one, that I realized that she was giving it up. Sometimes I am so clueless. Seriously though, it’s still worth the listen. There are twelve episodes to go through and their still accessible. Another podcast that I can’t do without is Sticks and String with a “bloke” from Australia with the most attractive accent I’ve ever heard, David Reidy. Then I really got into Stitch Stud and His Bride, with Charles (forgot his last name) , only to find that he also had to give it up for professional reasons.


Just found out that Stitch Stud and His Bride is back on the air!!!! I was searching around for his last name and found out he’s back… too excited to pursue his name because now I’ve GOT to get this post up.

After that came another real favorite, It’s a PURL, Man! with Guido, the man from Boston with yarn issues…. and that monkey still appears to be on his back, though not really because I believe he never finished it.

Gee, this is turning into more of just a little background, but so what!

Then I sort of drifted through all those other podcasts that everyone else was listening to and was impressed by nada. Then I turned the page……

Recently, I started culling my 270+ podcasts on itunes and noticed that I hadn’t heard most of Yarn Thing’s episodes and decided to get the most recent one a listen. Well, all I can say is that I just LOVE her laugh! Marly, it was your laugh that kept your podcast within my radar, so keep it up! Ha.. I know you don’t need encouragement from me to laugh, but it’s so enjoyable to listen to. I love to laugh and I really don’t get to do much of it anymore. Nothing sad, just that my hubby is quite the serious person and if I try to pull a joke, he takes it seriously and gives me a serious answer… ugh… there’s nothing more pitiful than that! If I can’t laugh, then let it be yours that I listen to. Hopefully, my son will grow a sense of humor and then I’ll have someone to lighten up with. He’s three years old, BTW, and it just might happen as he’s serving me up some green eggs and ham right now from off the tray of my Hot Chocolate recipe book that he seems to gravitate to at every chance he gets.

Anyway, I had subscribed to Yarn Thing’s podcast a while ago, listened to a couple of early ones, but had so many to listen to, that she just got put on the side board (sorry, Marly!). The whole reason I started this post is Marly. Sorry that it’s turning into a more generalized post about all the podcasts I listen to, basically just a list; but when I listen to more of you, I’ll have more to talk about… only because I’m really still unfamiliar with your podcast. I’ll just say this: Check out when the last time it was that I posted anything here, OR on ~Dragon’s Yen~, and this should be evidence that you have impressed me quite a bit. Enough to come out of hibernation to post…. or maybe it’s because Spring is definitely here!

Marly, Marly, MARLY!….. You seem like such a wonderful person and someone who would be a great friend. With someone a person could really be herself with and just I wish I lived closer to you… ha, then YOU’D have to change YOUR cell phone number!

Through Yarn Thing, I found (again) the Crochet Dude’s blog. Crochet Dude (I love that name!) has a new Crochet Dude blog and an old Crochet Dude blog. Take your pick, both are very enjoyable to read.

All the podcasts I listen to are so different from each other, so I can’t really say what it is, exactly, that will draw me to a podcast. Music, Voice, Personality, Useful Information? Some or all of these things. I won’t state which podcasts I don’t care for because, well, though they might not be my cup of tea, I admire the fact that they exist; and I appreciate all the work that goes into making one of these. It’s a definite commitment, there, people; and I am grateful to have the luxury of so many choices… which were not available just a couple of years ago.

Thank you, everybody!

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