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Wow… Here I am Again!

ell, thought I should at least list some of my FO’s since I last posted. I’ve finished many, but I’ll try to just remember some from memory, and post some pics. What I am the more proud of than the actual objects is the fact that I’ve learned something new that was required for each one. That is what I believe this craft is all about; and that is growth. Maybe I’m not growing in a conventional way, but I am expanding my knowledge of technique and fiber. I love how each little thing overlaps onto the next new project that comes along.

My first cotton market bag.

My first cotton market bag.

Okay, the most recent FO is what I call my Cinnamon Bag. This is the Fantasy Naturale Market Bag, by JoAnne Turcott. I used Sugar ‘n Cream Confectionery Colors in Cinnamon. I just LOVE this color, and all of the Confectionery Colors. I purchased, just for this project, Knit Picks nickel plated circular needles in US 13 and US 15. I simple adore this pattern… I am looking at it as the precursor for starting lace work. I set it on my kitchen scale when completed and it weighs in at 6 oz. It turns out I can actually make another one from this same ball of cotton… which I’m so happy about because I had decided to give this one away to my sister-in-law, JoMarie… don’t tell her! I don’t know if it was the tension of my knitting or if this is just the size of the bag, but man, this is some kind of gigantic bag!

Cinnamon Bag pictured with deodorant for visual scale of size.

More often than not, I’ll get my patterns from leads I get from Ravelry. AmAzing place. If you ever have the inclination to open yourself up to all there is to offer for the fiber community on the internet, you’ve GOT to sign up for ravelry. At last check, there are well over 150,000 members… and that is in just about a years’ time. There is nothing that I can add to what’s already been said about the place, but I can tell you that I love it over there. I just ordered a couple of pins and a teal blue T-shirt from their mini store and I should be receiving it in a couple of days… I’ll post a pic. Really. I’m surprised that I even got to order one as merchandise flies in and out of their store in a matter of no time at all.


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