But she’ll share…..sometimes.

Hippies Creations

Angel backgroundThis was my tree last year.

I name this post for the subject of my post. Her name is Petra and has a son, Lennon, who is loveable, kind, gentle, loving, and just the best son ever…. except when his ammonia levels skyrocket. When this happens, he becomes very aggressive, disoriented, incoherent and has been described as appearing to be a bit crazy. In other words, he becomes a totally different child. Normal ammonia levels are 50-60. I do believe I read that Lennon’s had gotten as high as in the 300’s. Lennon is of preschool age. He has already had two liver transplants.  Lennon has Urea Cycle Disorder.  Please check out the link to this genetic disease.  Can you imagine this happening to your child? I am sitting here doing just that. I cannot imagine myself living through, and witnessing what my friend has witnessed happening to her son. All I can think of is that I have a hard time when my preschooler gets a cut, let alone going through life saving surgery and the gory details that go along with it… just to NOT get graphic about it. Just to think of their little perfect bodies enduring what seems impossible… becomes a reality. It’s a hard reality for mothers to come to grips with; and at the same time, no one should have to experience.

I’m not writing Petra’s whole story here, but if you’re interested, you can find it here. The reason for my writing is that I want to get her story out. She is not asking for donations; but as it happens, she does have an Etsy shop, HERE. She does wonderful work with beads and pyrography, or, wood burning.

I don’t make it a practice to advertise for other people, but I was moved to, today. I figure, “Hey, it’s the Holiday season and maybe someone is out there shopping around for gifts.” A part of me felt powerless until I thought of writing about her. After being paired with Petra in a beading swap, we corresponded ourselves into a friendship that has survived a few long spells of not corresponding. She made me a beautiful bracelet that rests so pretty on my wrist. It doesn’t happen often, that I will just love something that wasn’t made by me. She seems to know what I like.



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Change Effective, NOW!

Sorry guys, another short one, but I just have to say that I’ve been riled by too many spammers commenting on my site. I’d rather have no comments at all, than 20,000 spammized comments. For the longest time, I’ve spent time only deleting spammer’s comments… and those were the only comments I was getting. It was no big deal since I get notified of every comment that comes in. Usually I’d simply mark them as spam, but they are getting too sneaky…. ALSO, I am wondering why the same site slipped in even after I marked it as spam. Recently, I had one site, two days in a row, actually post what I would have believed to be a valid comment if I didn’t see something specific.

Not getting into specifics, I’ll say that this annoyance has prompted me to activate the I-Must-Approve-ALL-Comments-Directive. I apologize for any inconvenience to legitimate readers and commenters, but this is now necessary, in my opinion. I feel as though I am taking some kind of action against these leaches. It won’t really be a big deal because I check my email every morning, accompanied by my morning coffee.

I welcome any and all valid comments.

I will not tolerate spammers!

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Potty Head

elmopottytimeFirst thing I want to say is that I am posting this on both my blogs. Readers of DragonKnits, please be patient. I am including it there for the reason that there is Ravelry info on it. I know, I’m too lazy to pen a separate post. I probably could, and maybe will keep that in mind, but I have no idea if I will have the time to do that later.

My sincere apologies for not coming out of the closet sooner… so to speak. It’s kind of hard to concentrate with “Elmo’s Potty Time” echoing in my head all day long… but I’m desperate! There have been several times I had ideas and inspiration to write, but just as fast as they surface, they fade out during my day. I most certainly have that I’ve heard termed as “Mom’s Memory”. If you say it doesn’t exist, well, it doesn’t… the memory, that is.

Oh, before I forget. Ravelry is a community in beta stage right now; which means that you need an invitation to join. More and more invitations are being sent out weekly, the fastest yet. Jess and Casey, the owners of Ravelry, are putting together an Open House tentatively set for January. This will be a period of time when anyone will be able to access the site, with limited capabilities. I am thinking that it will be for more than just one day, but I do not know the details yet. I will be sure to post details as they come through.

As you might know, part of the reason that I am late getting back to blogging here is my involvement with Ravelry, a community of knitters. I should really say “Fiber Artists”, as there are people there from all walks of the fiber world: Knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, dyers, people raising the fiber animals, LYS people (Local Yarn Store). We all come from different walks of life, yet we have a bond. There are hundreds of groups on this community and I belong to something like 80 (+ or -).

As a matter of fact, I belong to several forums online. Well, I’ve gotten in trouble on one of them. Not really a big thing, but it’s gotten me thinking and I do not think that I should air them there… so I’ll air them here. It’s risky business as it’s a controversial subject. As such, I just can’t seem to put together a decent post; and is taking me longer than usual to write. Even with this additional time, I can’t guarantee that it will be agreeable to everyone, but that is to be expected. I just don’t want to get into a heated debate about it. I just want to air my views, and will be willing to discuss them, but I don’t want to argue. This is why I hesitate. What I am going to do is complete my writing, then decide if I still want to take the plunge and publish. I feel that I have the benefit of both perspectives of this topic, but others do not agree. Therein lies the possible storm. Maybe they are right; but on the other side, I believe that they have limited perspective, while I have the benefit of both- at different times in my life. They do not agree.

So I will do my best to be objective, yet get my opinions out, too. This could prove to be a confusing post to read, but this is why I am taking my time about it. Okay, that’s enough for now. Sorry to be so mysterious, but if I even mention it, I might just explode into sharing more than I really want to right now.

Have a great day!

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Fall 2007

Hi everybody. Well, it’s finally starting to look like fall. Sorry, about not posting all summer, but I needed a break.  I’ve not even gone back yet to my other blog, Dragon’s Yen.  This is my first time back.  I’m really happy about fall, my favorite time of year. Summer is nice, but if I’m not at the beach, it reeks. Oh, I do love to garden and I do love summer activities. What kills me is the heat and/or humidity. Ah, I can finally put that behind me and start thinking about reinstalling my hot chocolate recipe of the week. I’ve already had some this year and introduced my little one it. Now all he wants is hot chocolate… that’s my boy!

I have been busy and will be forthcoming on what I’ve been doing this summer, knitwise, and will be posting some of my WIP’s and FO’s. See, I’ve learned new language while I was away. WIP: “Work In Progress” and FO: “Finished Object”. I do most of my learning at Ravelry. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added their button to the blogroll and sidebar, though the sidebar one links to my flickr site. At present, I’m trying to figure out how to have the button, itself, link to Ravelry; but so far it’s a no go. If you click on it, you will be transported to my flickr page. In the mean time, have you gotten your invitation yet? I know that I said that I was not going to talk about it, but it’s been going on too long now. Jess and Casey have been doing really great work over there getting the site working. It’s totally amazing, but again, I refrain from the details for the benefit of those who are still waiting to get on. Of course, if you wish that I would expand on the site, I certainly will… but you’ve got to let me know; and the easiest way to do that is to leave a comment.

Katelyn TheresaMy brother’s wife gave birth to a daughter September 19, 2007. Katelyn Theresa, 5 lbs. 7 oz. WOW! Isn’t she the cutiest baby ever!!!







Ever since I found out about the pregnancy, I was furiously crocheting a blanket for her. Then I found out they have a froggie theme and had plenty of time to modify the blanket to include a knitted center square with a froggie on it.Crocheted/Knitted blanket The center panel was DK’d to get a front side on both sides to compliment the crocheted squares. I am so happy that I chose this green, too. It’s more froggie than baby green, ya know? I am also very happy that I finished it time for the shower. I can really get into granny square blankets. My grandmother used to make them and I have one blanket from her that was made with scrap yarn. My uncle is going to give me a blue one she made years ago, and I even remember her making it. I remember the loving way she laid the squares out on the bed, arranging them in just the way.
Green Jacket/Hat/Bootie Set We visited Katelyn about a month ago and I rushed to complete a crocheted jacket, hat, and bootie set, made with left over yarn from the blanket. I even made the buttons, myself. I don’t have a picture yet of her wearing it. I love Caron Simply Soft yarn, so soft! Erin, my SIL , loved the outfit, so that made all the work and “rush, rush” of it, all worth it.

Well, I’ve got to get going, so will leave you with these few glimpses of what I’ve been doing.

Hope ya’ll come back now, hear?

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Happy Summer

Hi guys.

I just wanted to let my readers know that I’m still alive and at WP.  I’ve been preoccupied lately with a new knitting community site called “Ravelry”.  It is SO extensive that I just can’t believe it.  I find myself spending all of my spare time there just exploring the place and I even have put my actual knitting aside to do it.

I vowed not to write about Ravelry, even on my knitting blog, because it’s still in beta stage and people can only get on by invitation only.  While waiting for mine, it was my experience that I got very frustrated listening to all the bloggers out here rave about the site and I was still waiting.  I just didn’t want to create that situation for anyone else.

That said, if anyone is interested to see you can find Ravelry here.   They are sending out over 1200 invites a week, so I am guessing that anyone signing up now will have less of a wait than I had when they were sending out 200 invites a week.  They also now have plenty of sneak peek screens and a place to go to check your status on the invitation list… which I didn’t have!  I am posting this to both my blogs, so main blog readers please be patient with the knitting talk.  Thanks!

That said… a quick personal update.  I just want to thank Justin for his last comment and sorry that I didn’t get back to you.  I will stop by to say “Hi” shortly.   So far, our summer has sort of been uneventful.  We are planning a two week trip in October to California.  Plans still kind of hazy because of a personal development…. or sort of development… or maybe it will be a development in the future.  DH is planning on putting in an application for a new job, out of state, in New Hampshire.  Things are not going so well at L’Oreal because it appears that they are firing personnel who have 20+ years association with them.  New top-dog management is reputed to be a “shaker”… or something like that, and he’s been swinging the ax.  Seems to me, however, that they are just looking for quick ways to cut the budget as they are not addressing the problems with the actual production.  They let situations continue to exist that affect successful production of their products, resulting in many batches that are no good and need to be disposed of, wasting plenty of production time and effort.  Their quick fix is to get rid of loyal, dedicated personnel with, of course, lots of vacation time and benefits allocated to long time employees.  Oh geez, this is turning into a rant, isn’t it!  Okay, getting to the quick, we just might move out of state.

I’ve had another successful apheresis donation, but only did a double as I had a slight temp and the nurses did not want to aggravate it, or cause me undue discomfort.  I must say that this process “does” have a slight overall affect on the body, and definitely by the next day, you are fine.   The time before this, I was rejected because of a temperature and elevated blood pressure, which I believe was due to the stress of driving to the hospital which is not close to me.  Ah, this makes me wonder about the 6 hour drive next month to New Hampshire for our visit with our family…. which is how this application thing came up in the first place.

I haven’t had much inspiration to write lately, but there is one that is welling up inside me.  I don’t want to say anything about it as I don’t have any information… and so, I need to do some research.  It was a news item I saw on the TV of a pizza place while we had our dinner about a week ago… and I was enraged, aggrieved and shocked, though I should not have been because it’s not the first time something like this has happened.

Well, hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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What Makes Me a Mother?

DSC02097I saw this question on Friday but I forgot which blog I saw it on~ Parent Blasters or something like that. They were asking for contributions, but the deadline was Friday, so it was too late for me to participate. Nevertheless, this is a worthy question to ponder. Well, the obvious first thought I could give is that I never thought that I would become a parent at all, let alone ever think there would be a time I’d sit back and think about what kind of mother I am, the kind of mother I want to be. Now, I wonder what am I really capable of and what limitations I have. I think it’s very important to know your limitations. The first of which is the fact that I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday, Friday, but have not been writing anything down. So, I sit here now, at the eleventh hour, trying to both remember my thoughts and string them together in a comprehensible fashion.

As I sit here, I simply cannot think….. The more I do, however, I come to the conclusion that everything I have been in the past, everything I have learned as part of my own, personal, education has helped to make me a mother. I feel as though everything I have learned, everything I’ve experienced in my own life up to now, has culminated into the grand scheme of “mother” I am supposed to be for my child. I get visions of my life flashing before my eyes as if it were a near death experience and everything, every little dot and crossed “t” has now shown itself to be critical for my success as a mother.

If you don’t know me, or my story, I’ll go back a little and say that I have spent my whole life “waiting” for something, unbeknownst to me, to happen in my life. It was something that I just felt. Another predominant feeling of mine has been that I never thought that I would/could make a good mother. I never had the patience for kids of any age, though it’s always been easy for me to talk to children and they to me. The secret was that I actually listened to them and conversed with them. Still, I was a very flighty person and NEVER committed to anything, even if I was pretty sure I’d follow through. Although, I always wondered what a girl child of mine would look like, my desire for one never went beyond that. Part of my aversion to parenthood was that my life was never settled, never stable. When I was married in my twenties, we tried for a baby, but never got pregnant, so I thought that I could not get have them. It seemed so simple to me. Motherhood was not meant to be for me. What I didn’t realize was that something inside me did not want my then husband to be the father of any of child of mine. I am sure that thought is something that tobeme can really appreciate. My body refused to have normal, predictable cycles so that I could conceive. Well, that and the stress of the marriage that I was totally unaware of; which goes to show you how young and mentally immature I really was. The end result was no kids and as time went by, I was happy with my life minus the responsibility of raising a family. I came and went as I pleased. I digress. Then and now.

As I got older, I grew as a person; and one day I realized that the wealth I have to offer a child was not that of money, but of experience, life and pure, unconditional love. I am, and have always been a source of a never ending spring of love. I always felt love welling up from inside me and I had nobody to give it to. It felt immensely frustrating and heartbreaking to me. I wondered why God had done such a thing to me. Ah, the impatience of a 17 year old. I had always thought that I needed a man, a partner, a companion, a husband to shower all this love down onto. Well, the man that I am married to now appreciates it, but he is a very independent guy and really doesn’t need it; and though he likes it, I realize I can easily smother him. As a matter of fact, I smothered too many men and quite effectively chased them away with my attentions. God’s hand moved.

What makes me a mother like no other to my child is my treasure of knowledge, such as it is. Ah, this kind of treasure is worthless, indeed, invisible, if it’s not shared. I just happen to be poised in the perfect position to share because I have resolved to keep the lines of communication open. It will be a difficult line to manage as I want to be a “mother”, yet I want my boy to feel as though he can tell me anything. My sister became her kids’ “friend”, but I know I don’t want to go to the extreme down that road. I am prepared to listen to my kid. I am prepared to explain myself and my motives to my kid. I am prepared to invite questions from my kid. I am prepared to apologize to my kid (if appropriate). I am prepared to make my kid feel that he is important, that he matters, that I value his thoughts, his opinions, whatever they may be. One thing I noticed with young kids is that they know when adults are just patronizing them. The kid that is hurt the most is not the kid that is abused, but the kid that is ignored. Remember The Breakfast Club? When that was said in the movie, it struck a painful chord with me. It was Ally Sheedy’s character, Allison. She was the “weird” one. I WAS THE WEIRD ONE.

Another quality that I have that makes me a mother is that I never really lost my childhood. I love to play and I know the importance of nurturing the inquisitive mind. I allow my son to experience anything and everything up to the point of his personal danger, however that may manifest, be it a busy street, to dog, bird and cat poop in the yard and spiders in the water cans. Those of you who are acquainted with my quirkiness for English, probably have an idea already that I refuse to speak to my kid in baby talk. It’s not that I am trying to push him out of his childhood, but I want him to learn proper English, and not think his made up words are correct. I understand his words, but repeat back to him the proper word. I praise him, but I use the proper word. Eventually, he’ll get it.

I am sitting here wondering what else makes me a mother and I look around the place. This part of the house is also my son’s play area. It’s 9:30 at night and every box of his is empty, all toys strewn about. I have learned to act as if I do not notice. I may or may not pick all this stuff up; but probably will just because tomorrow the boy’s Nanny (grandmother) will be coming over. She really doesn’t mind, but if I don’t put a reason there to do it, it won’t get done. I’ve freely given the boy more and more territory. I’ve accepted the fact that I’ve got to put more and more of my stuff away in storage just so that they can survive to the next era of “normalcy” around here. A time when adult items can be proudly be out in the open without fear of death or destruction. I do this with a smile as this idea was a “light bulb moment” when a solution was needed to stop my yelling at the boy because he was going after my stuff, no matter how high I put things. Ah, precious dragons are put aside for precious boy.

Though I have more patience with him than I ever thought I would have, there are times when I blow up.  There have been a few of them… but more than I care to admit.  I sigh a long, hard sigh.  This is one of my limitations.  I pray about it.  I think about it and I try to be aware of my tendency to flash a tornado at him.   I try to think why I am “really” upset and more often than not, the situation was caused directly by my lack of forethought than the baby “being bad”.  Lack of forethought is when I forget to take things I don’t want him to fool with out of his way before he sees them… like the bottle of soda he is increasingly becoming more enamored with each day.My son is really learning some words now. Already I am sharing his joy when I see his excitement of showing us what words he knows and that he knows he knows them. Got that? I love seeing his little light bulb light up when he is successful at what he is attempting, whatever it is, be it going down a slide for the first time or taking off his socks. I’ll never forget the light in his eyes (or mine) when I found the Land of the Lost Boy’s Socks under his crib~18 pairs! He loves to learn, God bless his heart, and we will try to keep the opportunities coming to him. He is learning to say the letters by letters on the fridge and Newman’s Own Alphabet graham cracker cookies… hubby’s great idea! I wonder how many bags of that stuff we’ll have to buy! DH says that the whole alphabet is represented in every bag.

I am tired but somehow I don’t think I’ve managed to say much <again>. Though I ache for bed this night, I would be remiss if I did not write a little more. Like any other kid, I learned a lot from my own mother, but not in the way that you’d expect. My own mother never really talked to us. She was very intelligent and intuitive to a degree, yet, there was never true communication between us. I do not feel as if I ever truly knew her, or who she was. Not all her fault either as I was to blame, too; but hey, she was the parent in that equation and her responsibility to take the lead, not I, the immature child. She just left it alone, giving up, whatever. I’ll never know. I have made peace with my mother, though. I realize that she was somehow incapable of anything more than she was. I know she made sacrifices for us, big ones, but very subtle. She sacrificed herself, her identity to be our mother. She sacrificed being our “friend” to be our Mother, capital M. She shut herself off to us perhaps because she found herself in the position of the needed disciplinarian while my father was out working 2 and 3 jobs. She was very sensitive, too, and that was probably why she had to shut herself down emotionally… so that we kids would know that she meant business.

Remember, babies never did, or ever will come with a user’s manual. My mother’s mother did not talk to her… and so the cycle repeated itself, for one last generation. I am where the buck stopped last…. to die. Pretty smelly here as I do not have a manual, either; but I am planting my lavenders, rosemarys, and lemon tyme to stifle the stench and my baby will someday help me plant my garden. He will someday learn how to knit if he still wants to by then. The world will be his oyster if oysters are not wiped off the face of the earth by then.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Gotta go and fold some laundry!

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A Breakthrough

Just a quick note…

As you may know, I’ve been knitting dishcloths lately from “Color-Splash Dishcloths”. Well, I’ve learned that when you are making something with these types of patterns, you really should NOT use variegated yarn, yarn that is more than one color. All that work, and you cannot see the pretty designs in the resulting fabric. Stick with single colors and the difference is significant…. but that is not my breakthrough.

Well, I was knitting up my third dishcloth and had completed a row with different stitches. One of which was slip 1, K2 tog, PSSO. The PSSO means to “pick, or pass the slipped stitch over the K2 tog stitch. The alternate rows are always a straight knit all the way across. Well, I was knitting on one of these rows, and came to a point where “I just saw” that I forgot to PSSO! Wow, knowledge ingrained in my brain! Then I did a quirky thing! Well, I am proud of it… I sort of completed the stitch WITHOUT ripping out all the way back. I just turned the work back and got back to that point, then completed the stitch by slipping the slipped stitch, then made sure it was on the right needle, then turned the work back and continued on with my knitting.

I say again, WOW!

Spirit of the Maternal Dragon Roars!

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Building Up Skills

I’ve been reflecting lately on my knitting skills. Seems like things are happening so fast as I push myself and have learned so much in just a couple of months. Necessity is the mother of invention. Though learning new skills is not necessarily “inventing” anything, it does lay the foundation. I am too disorganized to learn something new just for the heck of it, there must be a need present.

And so. The Log Cabin Blanket project was the first time that something other than knitting was needed for production. The first thing I needed to learn was casting on new stitches onto a finished object. I simply could not get away without knowing how to do this, so I learned. I got that one down really quickly because it’s done continuously throughout the whole blanket. The second thing I sort of improvised, thinking that I was inventing something new (HA), was weaving the starting and ending strands into the piece as I went along. After a few strips, I could see the many, many ends that I would need to weave in at the end, so I started knitting the strands into my stitches; and it worked out perfectly. All I did at the end was snip the remaining ends away. As the strips got bigger and bigger, I knew that I was going to die of boredom and my blanket was in danger becoming a very small one… yet with each strip, I was getting more and more addicted, and would always cast on another strip. I resolved to learn Continental Knitting so that I could knit faster and more efficiently than with the American method, and I was so glad that I did. Then, when I decided to end it all because of other blankets I wanted to start, I needed a border. I had heard a lot about the Mason-Dixon book and decided to check it out. I made a trip to Borders and plopped my son down in the kiddie section after getting a copy to leaf through. I decided on the plain border that you can see here on the Log Cabin KAL . I learned how to increase stitches at the ends so that I could fit the pieces together like the sides of a picture frame.

I was elated that I could actually learn something new. When I started making the loomed preemie hats 2 years ago, I never-in-a-million-years imagined myself going beyond those four KK looms. NOW I can say that I am a Knitter, capital “K”. While knitting the Easter Tie , I learned how to knit backwards so that I could do the short rows without actually needing to turn the work. I learned it quickly, but ooops, I was doing garter stitch and the backward knitting would produce not garter, but stockinette…. but at least it was LEARNED. I am sure that there is a backward purl stitch, so I’ll be searching that out, too. I now knit my swatches that way… otherwise, I would not even do swatches. You can be sure that I will look for opportunities for knitting backwards.

The flood gates have been opened. I now REALLY want to learn cables. I feel like I can take on anything, but the essential here is that I need to apply it to something that I am doing. I simply cannot learn something new for the sport of it. Big reason is that once I learn, then what? I will forget what I just learned and all will be for naught.

I just finished a felted ipod cozy. I’ve not posted pictures because I forgot to take a picture of it before felting, so I am knitting up another one just for that purpose, then I’ll post both pics, sort of before and after pics. It is working up rather quickly and I suspect that I’ll have a pic by the weekend. BTW, I am using the backward knitting stitch to do the flap and I had that done in no time. These two are rather plain as I just wanted to see how they would come out before trying designs and such. I remembered how to join the cast on stitches to knit in the round. How cool is that? I put down my socks months ago, yet I just “knew” what to do.

My interest has turned it’s roving eye on spinning and dying yarn, though, I don’t see myself actually taking it up at this point in time. I’ve also recycled sweaters and I’m interested in recycling plastic bags by making tote bags out of them. There is so much on the web. I had no idea what a rich and wonderful the world of knitting, and I’m sure ALL aspects of the fiber arts, could be. The www. has been such a help to me in searching for and learning new techniques. I am constantly searching for demos and videos on knitting and crochet. There’s a whole world of knowledge out there just waiting to be accessed… and I am definitely up for the job.

Yes, the craft has come a long way baby!

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New Page

Just added a new page called “Knitting Origins”.  This is my official “How I learned to knit” page.  Everyone has a story and this is mine.

I’d love to hear YOUR story.  Please, do tell!  Grab a cup of hot chocolate and let’s sit, chat and exchange stories.

Stories are a major part of keeping any craft alive, so let’s hear it!

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Mission Accomplished & Diabetes Creeping In

y fantasy yarn project is completed! Very cool…. I must say, that there were NO fireworks, though….. just the fact that I finished it merits a pat on the back… the fact that my scarf/wrap will remain with me, merits a Yahoo! Remember when I started it, way back in December? I started it somewhere between this post, and this post.Drop Stitch part In this pic, you can see that I am almost finished dropping all the stitches to create what is known in looming circles as the Matrix Stitch. You can see just how much wider the whole piece becomes after you drop the stitches. On the left, you can see the original width. This ends up being a really heavy piece of fabric. Oh, when you drop the stitches like this, blocking is not necessary…. very cool.

I was debating on what to do with the fringes. To fringe or not to fringe. I decided to fringe because I love fringes. Here is a pic:

Scarf/Wrap with Fringe I did not want an overabundance of fringes, so I put them only on the knit stitch matrix part. I decided to put one on each end of the “matrix”. I could not put only one on each one as the distance between them would’ve been too great. I still need to really size them up to make sure that all are as close to the same length as possible. Still, I am planning on wearing it to church tomorrow morning as I might be reading and want to look a little bit more dressed up than usual. Wow, you really cannot see the length here, but it measures a little longer than 70″, excluding fringe. Since it’s heavy, I am sure that gravity makes it stretch longer than that. I go overboard all the time because my mentality is, and always has been, more is better. Well, at least it’s mine and nobody needs to know that I just “winged it”. I still intend on taking another pic of it outside in full sun so you can get a nice idea of how it really sparkles and shimmers in daylight.

I should mention that nowhere online did I find instructions on how to do this. As a matter of fact, I do not think that you are supposed to do it after the fact of knitting it; but that is just me, doing something because nobody said that I can’t or shouldn’t. It worked out pretty well, so nothing lost and something gained. **~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**~**

Okay, I really didn’t want to make another post, but I want everyone to know that I am doing okay and getting used to the idea of being diabetic. I have not actually “done” anything yet, just reading what I can and getting ready mentally to take action. Don’t worry, I am not procrastinating because I really need to get every thing rolling by the end of next week. That is when my Dr wants me to call in two days of sugar readings. Also, I need to have a sonogram done by then to make sure that I am not pregnant so that she can Rx me medication.

Believe me, I want to get started quick, but to be truthful, I feel like I have no clue what to do… even though my Dr said that I should just avoid sugar and carbs. I bookmarked a diabetes site: American Diabetes Ass. & more importantly, Diabetes DIET from the Mayo Clinic. Finally, something substantial about food. This second site looks really useful…. feel free to check it out.

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