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A Little Wet Wool…. Anyone?

I’ll just say it once.  “It’s been a while”.  I’d like to say that without any apologies, but  I do feel that I’ve let down whatever readership I had.  Key word: h-a-d.  I’m in a hard place right now and a lot of things are overwhelming my brain.  Not that I was disciplined by any means, but I just can’t seem to get out of this haze I’m in most of the time.  I do have my moments of clarity, but they are few and far between.  I’ll be writing more about this particular aspect of my life in our parent blog, Dragonmommie’s World; but for right now, I want to show you all some of the things I’ve been doing in Yarnworld.

The most latest is this blackish/purpily/robin’s-egg bluish stuff that is hanging over my kitchen sink.  I think I’ll name it… NO, I’ve already named it “Dragon Jewels”.  The blue part was spun on a drop spindle and the rest on a spinning wheel my friend, Lisa, let me borrow.  I am really loving the wheel and hope she doesn’t ask for it back any time soon…. hint… hint.  I’m hoping to  get my own wheel sometime in the future, but I’m not holding my breath.  I can’t, really.  Not for months, maybe years, so I’ll just keep it on the back burner of my To Do List.

My freshly washed handspun

Isn’t it beautiful?  I can already feel the bounce coming back into it.  I think that I’ll be able to take it down tomorrow as it seems to be pretty dry.  Now, what the project to be done with this yarn… MY yarn… very exciting.

This was Navajo plyed and there is 295+ yards here.  There is a “+” for the fact that when you wind yarn, you must get extra inches with every wrap because the niddy noddy was measured right on top of the surface of it, 67″ per wrap.  Now, when you wrap the yarn around, the layer gets thicker and thicker and the length between wraps gets longer, not by much, but it’s something.  I’m pretty sure that I’m doing something wrong here because I never heard of anyone having to take those extra inches into consideration.

This is kind of thin-to-thick stuff and I had wanted to showcase it in a shawl.  So, while  not really enough yardage for a shawl, might be perfect for a shawlette.  I specificily plyed this stuff to go from one color to the next, so I’m going to start off with the thinnest part, the blues, into the purples, into the gray/black stuff.  Funny, when it was fluff, it was definitely black, but when spun, it turned into grays and very dark grays and very little actual black.  Ravelry Pattern Search, here I come!

Getting back to my Home Depot niddy noddy.  There is a great post here that gave enough instructions for me to go out and make my own.  However, I had my pvc cut at the store, which was pretty darn convenient….Thanks Home Depot Guy!  I can even go back to have the rest of my pvc pipe to make a different size.  Next will be the two yard size.  The one touch I didn’t think of was getting those caps to close off the ends… oh, and I did not use pvc glue, which I really should.  Still, it was pretty functional without that stuff, and I was able to disassemble the thing to make it really portable as is.

Bottom line is that I love this spinning thing and can see myself giving up the knitting and crocheting to do more of it… well, not altogether, of course.
“Somebody’s” got to knit up the stuff.

DRAGON JEWELS......This pic was taken before washing.

Strand of yarn...


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Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Just thought I’d post a few tips and tricks I’ve developed, discovered, whatever. These two are for weaving in ends, though I just saw the knitting one here. I discovered this technique while doing my Lob Cabin Blanket a while back, but I didn’t think to share it…. poo on me.

Weaving in Knitting Ends.

Weaving in Crochet Ends:

What I like to do for Double Crochet, when starting a new row, is to draw the new colored loop through the work, then make the chain with both ends for a thick chain. This makes it look more like an actual DC. Then, for the next few stitches, I’ll draw through both strands, but only use only one strand, the working yarn, to complete the stitch…. and OMG, I’m actually uploading a video to youtube! My very first tutorial! Yeepiiiiii ! Ya’ll can listen to my sick voice because I’ve got a horrible cold right now….. 33% uploaded….. I did take some pics but it was tough taking pics of my TWO hands… ha. So I put my camera on a little box, stuck my hands in front and let ‘er rip….. 53% uploaded… man, this is taking so long.

I’ve got to apologize for some mistakes. I recorded, verbally unprepared, at about midnight. My camera batteries are dead, so after the recharge I’ll make a new video. Here are the corrections:

  1. I say, “… Then I go into my next “chain”” but I should have said my next “loop”.
  2. Then I say, “and here’s the second one”, but it was really the third or fourth.
  3. I made a statement saying to continue until you finish up the the working yarn. Oh man! What I meant to say is, until you finish weaving in the end.

Then I made a statement one should never make on a tutorial video when you want to make something look easy. I said, “it’s so hard”…..GAH! What I really meant was that it was hard to make the video, itself; not that what I was doing was hard to do… geesh.

I was struggling to keep track of what was going on in front of the lens and talking and keeping everything in focus, etc. Wow. I’ve got to put more effort into this the next time around. I was just so excited, too, about actually doing it. It’s actually possible for me now to make significant videos with my digital camera because I lost my first memory stick and when we replaced it, bought a stick packing 2GIG’s… quite a jump from 16MB!

Finished Object Alert


A FO is lurking right around the corner! That Hogwart’s Scarf I started eons ago. I had a revelation today… another sort of trick, but it’s so obvious that I want to kick myself in the head for not thinking of it sooner. I am working this scarf in the round, for extra thickness (he lives in New Hampshire) and also to keep the edges from curling. So, this thing had double the knitting a regular scarf would have. Okay, so you get the picture. You know what it’s like carrying up the colors… the strands were forever getting tangled, twisted and I got dangerously close to cutting the yarn just to untangle it. So 25 stripes, 450 rows, and 22,500 stitches later… the light bulb goes off to just tuck the resting ball of yarn into the tube, well below the work area. Simple right? Like I said, I could kick myself in the teeth. Sigh. So that’s my gift to you this February night, cause it certainly wasn’t a gift for me because I’M DONE. But it was nice for that final stripe. I’m tempted to make more stripes just so that I can tuck my yarn into the tube for a while longer… but I’m so done with this project that I can’t wait to mail it out… pronto. Pics to follow when I put on the fringe.

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