But she’ll share…..sometimes.

Wedding Nightsongs

A good friend of mine is getting married December of 2011.  Being a knitter, the first thing I thought about was, “OH.  I can make her a shawl or something.”  Well, she picked out Gail (aka Nightsongs), a beautiful, yet free pattern that she happened to pick out.  Though I love lace, I do have a hard time connecting to knitting charts which most lace knitting patterns are written as.  As luck would have it somebody actually created something called an “UNchart” which is sort of a part written and part charted pattern.  It was love at first sight!

So, the yarn that Paula pick out is Sterling Silk and Silver by Kraemer Yarns in Tuxedo colorway (black).  63% Superwash Merino, 20% Silk, 15% Nylon, 2% Silver ~3.5 oz./ 100 Grams, approximately 420 Yards.  This stuff is lovely.   Real sterling silver threads run all through this stuff.  Recently, Kraemer’s was forced to give up getting real silver threading because it’s getting harder and harder to get, so now they have some other fake material substituting for the silver…. SO, I am making this shawl, with one of the last skeins available with the sterling silver inside.  Nice gift, eh!

I had completed the majority of the shawl when it got really hot this summer.  Of course, I totally abandoned the project knowing I had plenty of time.  About a week ago, I picked it back up and as of tonight, I’m up to the last 19 knitted rows for the edging.  My eyes were giving me some problems at about 11pm, so I stopped for tonight and will resume tomorrow… I can’t wait to get this thing done, but I’m loving it and watching the leaves develop and I’m really looking forward to blocking this baby using my relatively new blocking wires.  This will be the first project I’m using them for and excited…. Well, as excited as you can get, considering.

Yeah, I was pretty boring tonight, but I did want to document this shawl in some way and have been meaning to do it…. PLUS this will be the first post on my knitting blog in a LONG time, so it really was begging to be done.

Now for something really important.  I have a wedding to go to at the end of March 2012 and I’m considering asking Paula if I could borrow her shawl… hee hee.  We’ll see…. I have no idea what I’m wearing for that yet, but I do know that I don’t have any elegant piece like this to speak of in my wardrobe.  After completing this one, I’ve got some serious Christmas knitting to start, so I can’t even whip out another shawl right now.

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. ~1 Corinthians 13:2

Oh well, searching for this quote has pushed me past 12 midnight and so I’ve lost the post a day challenge.  That’s okay, though, because I have love.

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freshly spun 100% Merino Wool

Just an update from yesterday’s post, A Little Wet Wool, Anyone? I’ve decided that the pattern for my freshly spun yarn will be the Chastain Park Shawl, published in L. Mariana Designs, which is a site online.  Ravelers go here.  I’ve chosen this one because the yardage given falls within my criteria and also the pattern is plain enough to show off the yarn.  Ravelry has just installed a new pattern search that is the BOMB.  Very cool.  Anyone not at Ravelry should go there… NOW.

Not going to start it right away because, 1: I have two shawl/wrap projects going right now.   2:  Want to wait until it’s cooler.

Okay, carry on…..

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Never Run With Needles

Coffee… check.  Keys… check.  Project bag… double check.

Back pack….  Back pack….?  BACK PACK?….

This is NOT good…. The other morning I was running around the house looking for my sons’ back pack.  Upon remembering that it was on top of my bed, I swung my body around and flew towards the bed.  Ouch!  I bumped my leg up against the foot board.  That smarts… Wellllll my friends, it was a little bit more than that.  I felt a little (just a little) weight on my thigh and realized that my canvas project bag was stuck to it.

Needle puncture in my leg.

Needle puncture in my leg.

Yep, that’s right… STUCK to my leg.  Surrealistically, I pulled it out and realized that I had just stuck punctured myself with the knitting needles, sized US 9, that were in my bag.  Yep, there is a hole in the bag, but not big enough to show in a picture and not very big, either… which sort of tells me that it didn’t go in too far.  At the time, I didn’t have a chance to even look at it.  I thought that if the blood wasn’t gushing out, it was okay (not so)… apparently, the fat on my leg plugged the hole up for just enough time to get my son off to school… wow, I’m Super Mommie! As soon as I got home, I rushed into the bathroom and took a peek.  Looked okay and there was some blood.  I poured some hydrogen peroxide over it and nothing happened.  No white bubbles… I guess that was a good sign.  Must have shown that my knitting needles didn’t have any germs on them.  I threw a band-aid on there and was good to go for the rest of the day.  My last tetanus shot was a few years ago, so I knew I didn’t need to get that.

Wow.  The whole idea of having that happen.  I really can’t even remember the details of that moment.  I am thinking it only went in about half an inch.  I figure that was deep enough for me to feel the resistance when I pulled it out, yet not deep enough to penetrate down to the muscle, though, I did feel sore for a couple of days, and still just enough to know that it happened.  You know, just a couple of minutes before this happened, I was thinking that I “could” put those needle tips on those very same needles as I had an extra idle pair laying around.  I didn’t want to go an look for them because I was in such a rush… and I had never made it a practice to use them before, but had gotten them in a swap.  A few weeks ago, I cracked open the bag and used the other set… which is probably why I didn’t get stuck more than once!  Ah, what lesson can we learn from this?


I’ve got to apologize to my readers for not posting more often, but things are more busy now than before Gabe went off to school.  I’ll never be able to commit to writing on a more regular schedule… well, unless somebody decides to pay me for it… ha..ha.. One thing that has been keeping me busy is the distribution of the motherload, from-the-mother-land, of yarn from my MIL’s house.  She has recently moved down to Florida, and we’ve been cleaning out her house.  DH found a literal truckload of yarn in the attic… and is STILL finding it here and there.  I was totally surprised because my MIL never talked about her stash, though knowing that I had one and that I’m an avid knitter and crocheter… and all out crafter.  I was totally shocked that she had so much of it.  I knew that she did do some crochet work back in the day… around the 70’s, but I also knew that she was not currently working with yarn.  Well, let me tell you… or better yet, let me show you:

Was I right? Was I right? eh… eh?

Moving along.  Here are a couple of updates on projects that I’ve completed… Well, the most recent are the three (four) shawls I’ve done for some home bound parishioners.  All patterns were free and a pleasure to work and very easy.  One is a simple lace pattern that I was very happy to find.  Also, almost forgot the first one I made, the Angel Wings Shawl by Julee Reeves…

Angel Wings Shawl, LB Easy Crocheted Triangle Shawl, LB Easy Knitted Triangle Shawl, LB Lace Triangle Shawl

Angel?  Bat?  Works for me.

Angel? Bat? Works for me.

Love this pattern.  Next time I want to make it larger; which is very easy to do. Just keep going.  This is on my Ravelry projects page as are all my projects.  Ravelry?  Check out article in Vogue Knitting, Fall 2008.

Please note that the Easy Crocheted shawl and the Easy Knitted Shawl patterns on the Lion Brand site are both the same pattern, one crocheted and the other knitted.  Sorry, no pics on these yet.

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Oops, Spoke too Soon…..

My ears were burning and I was CALLED!  Called to the Precious PODIUM… woo hoo!

My trophy!

My trophy!

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh the crowd is roaring, going crazy!  I’m smiling, waving deliriously in all directions, tears in my eyes…..

and, and…. don’t know HOW they managed it, but, but……

It’s raining CHOCOLATE!

Life is good.

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Slow Start

Sweater Sprint

Cowl Jump

I am happy to report that I have started all planned projects and they have at least a few rows a piece started.

The Herringbone stitch is so tight and slow going for me, so I feel that I have a handicap right here.  I have about 5 rows done and knitting it on size US 13 straight needles.  Jumped over to the “Red Fuzzy Cowl” and had a couple of starts and stops with this one.  The red Caron Bliss yarn is SOOOO, so soft, but a little hard to work with… so put that down after just a couple of rows to move on to the next project, “Softest Neck Warmer Ev-A” and I’m happy to report that this has gotten off to a good start, after a lot of false ones.  This project was originally going to be one of two Herringbone Neck Warmers, but it was not working out.  I had combined Wool of the Andes in Blue Bonnet with Caron Bliss in Peacock… such a beautiful combination and the blues in these two yarns just BELONG together.  Alas, stitch definition was lost in the fuzziness of the Bliss and because it’s such a time consuming stitch, I had to give it up for this project and adapted a regular stockinette stitch to the pattern… Is this cheating?  Not sure, but all changes were made before the start of the games, and I deleted the original pattern, to say that it’s not any pattern.  Oh, and I plan on making my own buttons for both neck warmers.

Oh… I am remiss.  I just realized that I’ve not started my Blue Caterpiller Cowl yet.  I originally wanted to use home spun yarn, but looks like I won’t be able to do that.  I am still searching for yarn to use with this.  The pattern is called Abstract Caterpiller Cowl… and this is a RAVELRY link to the page, so those of you not on ravelry probably will not be able to access it.  Sorry about that but it looks like its a free Ravelry download and a file and not a link.

On to my next project……the Sweet Sweater (SS).

Well, the Sweet Sweater is a crocheted object and the pattern is not really a pattern, per se.  It’s more of a formula to get you started making a top-down sweater, then leaves a lot of the designing to the crocheter.  This is what I love about it.  Gauge is really important.  You are setting your own gauge by choosing the yarn and size hook you want to work with, but once you make a swatch, which is essential, you need an accurate gauge.  Row gauge is not really important here because you are working from the top down, and you decide how long you want the sweater, midriff, hip length, tunic?  You decide.  But the stitches per inch gauge is really important.

Anyway, my gauge came out to 3 stitches per inch, working with a US-K hook on Red Heart Super Saver Solids in Lavender.  This is for Team Red Heart, and so it must be Red Heart yarn.  Originally, I wanted to use Red Heart Soft, but I could not find the colors I wanted to work with, and that bummed me out… so at the last minute I turned to my stash and this is what I found.  Since it’s worsted/aran, I decided to make a larger pull over or cardigan… though I really don’t need to decide until I get to the point where the V-neck is closed.  When I get to that point, either I close it, and it becomes a pull over; OR I don’t close and continue to work back and forth and it becomes a cardigan.

So, I managed to get a minds eye picture of what stitches I wanted to use, do swatches, calculate the formula, in what took the better part of the afternoon…. in between interacting with my kiddie.  Then really got into the beginning of it.  I completed about ten rows when I noticed that two rows back, I placed an increasing shell in the wrong stitch.  I was so, so tempted to just leave it and move on, but it was eating at me so I ripped back two rows to the offending shell and fixed the mistake, then continued.  I spent the evening crocheting while watching the Horse Whisperer… not the best since there is a lot of suspense and must be seen by-the-eyeball scenes, but I managed since this was not my first viewing….. whew.  Today my crochet group is getting together for our monthly meeting and I’ll have the day to work on my Ravelympics projects…. woo hoo!

No pictures yet, but soon… once I get enough on all my projects to be worth taking pics.

Oops, I’ve gotta run… don’t want to be late!

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Let the Games Begin!

Ravelympics 2008 Team Jersey Button/Badge

Ravelympics 2008 Team Jersey Button/Badge

I love the Olympics coming along to spice up our lives very four years. Unfortunately, we do not have a television with cable access, or any access, since you pretty much need a cable connection to get any kind of connection at all with the exception of a couple of Spanish channels. ah… so I knit, crochet, spin, to the sounds of music and podcasts. Not so bad. Now THIS year…..

I have the opportunity to actually participate in Ravelympics. I will be the star (in my own mind) of two events, the Sweater Sprint and the Cowl Jump. I entered a long sleeved Sweet Sweater for Team Red Heart and a few different cowl projects in the Cowl Jump for Team Jersey.

Right now, I’ve got to get myself going, so I’ll make this short, but I’ll try to give daily updates. Hubby’s vacation time is going to cut into my knitting this coming week, but the upside of that is that tomorrow is when my monthly crochet group is meeting… I’ll be at it for most of the day…. weeeeeee!

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Clap for the Clapotis

Yep, I’ve completed my first clapotis, or “the clap” for short. Ha… when I first saw that I had to take a second look. Duh…… RIGHT…. “clap”…. RIGHT…. clapotis. What can I say, but that I’m 47 years old and thankfully did not get that right away. This is a link to my Ravelry project page for those of you who are on Ravelry. Please note that if you’re not on ravelry, you probably won’t be able to access that page, so here is a posted pic:

Clap spread out on the bed

Clap spread out on the bed

Well, i did try to knit this last year but there was an issue with the yarn I was using. I wasn’t sure if there would be enough of it; so I thought I’d cut it down to scarf size. I had heard of a lot of people doing it in less than full size, so I thought I give it a try. Forget about the fact that I had not a clue as to go about doing this. Forget about the fact that you just can’t stop increasing with you feel like it. Weeeell, that just what I did, and I went on like that for several dropped stitches.

This was knit with almost two skeins of Caron’s One Pounder in Jet Stream colorway. She is knit on size US 8 needles. There is a small amount left over and I’m going to see if I can make either wrist warmers or a head band… something like that.

She was really a lot of fun to make- once I got the pattern down… though you still really need to keep track of what row you are on because when row six comes up, you get to prepare for the drop down in row eight. I lived for those rows! My one suggestion would be to use a yarn that is silky and slippery. The kind that will fall right down when you want it to. Otherwise you will be fighting with the fibers to get it to drop all the way down. How I did it was to let the stitches drop down several rows, then I knit the rest of the row. Only when that row was done did I go back and make that stitch drop all the way down. So much fun. It doesn’t take much for me to have a good time, and my DH will tell you that I’m a cheap date…. free even. This Caron was giving me a hard time with the stitches dropping, so I had to really tug and pull to get it to go all the way down. But then, I can imagine that if you had some nice bamboo or silk yarn, that your pleasure would not be as prolonged as with my One Pounder. You could say it’d be a premature climax…. over almost before it started.

Oh, almost forgot to mention something I didn’t realize until I actually got up to that part in the pattern. In the Decrease Rows you need to drop two stitches, not just one! Wow. I was floored and ecstatic. You might have known that automatically if you realize that it’s knit on the bias. But I still would not have known this because I am mathematically challenged… severely challenged. This section was the most interesting for me… to watch the corner emerge, then realize that stitches were being dropped so that they meet in the middle with the very last one, which is also the last corner to be formed. After all the patterns that I’ve done, knitted and crocheted, this one was the most amazing to watch the form come into view. Silly, I know.

Close up of Clapotis Pattern

Did I say that I absolutely love these colors? I really LOVE these colors~! Ah… I got a lot of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment making this baby. I used the cheaper yarn because I intended on this one to be a trial run because of my failed attempt. This time around, I had two things going for me. One was that I was not on a deadline; and two, I made the full pattern without trying to skimp. Now that I’m done, part of me wants to make that other, more elegant version; but part of me can’t stand the thought of casting on another one… well, not just yet, anyway. I guess my aversion hesitation will give me plenty of time to get the money required for the amount of yarn I’ll need. OR I’ll have plenty of time to refine my spinning skills to make enough yarn for one… OR I’ll just keep dreaming about it.

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Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Just thought I’d post a few tips and tricks I’ve developed, discovered, whatever. These two are for weaving in ends, though I just saw the knitting one here. I discovered this technique while doing my Lob Cabin Blanket a while back, but I didn’t think to share it…. poo on me.

Weaving in Knitting Ends.

Weaving in Crochet Ends:

What I like to do for Double Crochet, when starting a new row, is to draw the new colored loop through the work, then make the chain with both ends for a thick chain. This makes it look more like an actual DC. Then, for the next few stitches, I’ll draw through both strands, but only use only one strand, the working yarn, to complete the stitch…. and OMG, I’m actually uploading a video to youtube! My very first tutorial! Yeepiiiiii ! Ya’ll can listen to my sick voice because I’ve got a horrible cold right now….. 33% uploaded….. I did take some pics but it was tough taking pics of my TWO hands… ha. So I put my camera on a little box, stuck my hands in front and let ‘er rip….. 53% uploaded… man, this is taking so long.

I’ve got to apologize for some mistakes. I recorded, verbally unprepared, at about midnight. My camera batteries are dead, so after the recharge I’ll make a new video. Here are the corrections:

  1. I say, “… Then I go into my next “chain”” but I should have said my next “loop”.
  2. Then I say, “and here’s the second one”, but it was really the third or fourth.
  3. I made a statement saying to continue until you finish up the the working yarn. Oh man! What I meant to say is, until you finish weaving in the end.

Then I made a statement one should never make on a tutorial video when you want to make something look easy. I said, “it’s so hard”…..GAH! What I really meant was that it was hard to make the video, itself; not that what I was doing was hard to do… geesh.

I was struggling to keep track of what was going on in front of the lens and talking and keeping everything in focus, etc. Wow. I’ve got to put more effort into this the next time around. I was just so excited, too, about actually doing it. It’s actually possible for me now to make significant videos with my digital camera because I lost my first memory stick and when we replaced it, bought a stick packing 2GIG’s… quite a jump from 16MB!

Finished Object Alert


A FO is lurking right around the corner! That Hogwart’s Scarf I started eons ago. I had a revelation today… another sort of trick, but it’s so obvious that I want to kick myself in the head for not thinking of it sooner. I am working this scarf in the round, for extra thickness (he lives in New Hampshire) and also to keep the edges from curling. So, this thing had double the knitting a regular scarf would have. Okay, so you get the picture. You know what it’s like carrying up the colors… the strands were forever getting tangled, twisted and I got dangerously close to cutting the yarn just to untangle it. So 25 stripes, 450 rows, and 22,500 stitches later… the light bulb goes off to just tuck the resting ball of yarn into the tube, well below the work area. Simple right? Like I said, I could kick myself in the teeth. Sigh. So that’s my gift to you this February night, cause it certainly wasn’t a gift for me because I’M DONE. But it was nice for that final stripe. I’m tempted to make more stripes just so that I can tuck my yarn into the tube for a while longer… but I’m so done with this project that I can’t wait to mail it out… pronto. Pics to follow when I put on the fringe.

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